Welcome to Dragonfly Studio Northwest

Hello my name is Tom Duke and it is my pleasure to welcome you to a place of creativity.  Dragonfly Studio Northwest is a place where people can come to learn and be in the flow with nature.  I will tell you up front, I do not know everything that there is to know on this planet yet I have been gifted with some wonderful talents and creative streams which I wish to share.

I have had the opportunity to teach classes in the past on Pen and Ink, looking vs seeing, how to step out of the box as well as most recently, flute playing and wood carving and am looking forward to sharing the information that I have gained over these last sixty years on this planet to ensure that the magic does not disappear.  In some cases I may only be able to lay a foundation and in others I may be the final piece that completes the puzzle.  In any case it is about us and how we play, share and love life that becomes that real factor. A factor I call Heart Work.

The work I do is from the heart with breath.  I use this on a daily basis with the music I create, the flutes and carvings that walk off my bench to the visual arts that dance in many forms from my finger tips.  All of these are created in spirit, and are shared as such as I believe that what we see when we look at art is the soul of the individual that created it and that is the dance of life.

Till we meet, may spirit dance the dance of creation and magic with in you all ways, always!

Yours in peace love and light…. Tom Duke


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